Jagger Eaton Wins Tampa Pro 2018

After a gruelling final round, check out how Jagger Eaton takes home 1st place at the Tampa Pro 2018 final. See the round up below:

1st: Jagger Eaton

Sponsors: Plan B, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Independent, Redbull, KTR
Hometown: Mesa, AZ

2nd: Felipe Gustavo

Sponsors: Plan B, Adidas, Venture, FKD, Bones Wheels, Nixon, The Boardr, Foot Print Insoles, Red Bull, Grizzly Grip, Diamond
Hometown: Brasilia, Brazil

3rd: Ryan Decenzo

Sponsors: Globe, Indy, RedBull, Bones Wheels, Red Dragons, Darkstar, Bones Bearings, OC Ramps, Grizzly Griptape
Hometown: Vancouver, BC