New Deal was launched back in 1990 by 3 guys who all had a passion for skateboarding. Paul Schmitt who worked for PS Stix Board Manufacturing, Andy Howell who was a street pro as well as creative director and last of all, Steve Douglas who was a vert pro. These 3 guys have all come back, and are going to start reissuing their original boards, starting with their very first catalog from 1990, and going through their favourite shapes and graphics up until 1992. To start off with, they are making pro boards for:
Andy Howell, Danny Sargent, Steve Douglas, Andrew Morrison, and Ed Templeton.

Older readers and dad-skaters may remember the impact that New Deal, along with World Industries and H-Street, had on the skate industry. Together, these skater-owned brands demonstrated that young people could not only run and market companies on their own, they could do it better and more authentically than older “businessmen.”

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, most skate goods (boards, trucks, wheels) and media were controlled by five brands. Known as the Big Five, they were: NHS (Santa Cruz), Ermico (Independent, Thunder, Venture truck manufacturers, Thrasher), Tracker Trucks (Transworld), Powell-Peralta, and Vision. Skater-owned companies weren’t new, but brands like New Deal sparked a movement to look at the skate industry as something young skaters could actually access and shape as they saw fit.