SkatePAL takes skateboarding to Palestine to “spread the love”

A Scot who has been “spreading the love of skateboarding” in Palestine by connecting conflict-worn children to the sport is set to take his peace-driven project around the world.

Charlie Davis, from Edinburgh, first arrived in Palestine in 2005 as an English-language teacher and went on to turn children’s fascination with his skateboard into the volunteer-led organisation SkatePAL.

“In Palestine, the kids can escape from the reality of their situation and lose themselves in the world of skateboarding, which provides a constructive outlet for their stress and anger.

Charlie Davis, founder of SkatePAL

He and his team have since led hundreds of children, both boys and girls, through skateboarding classes with several ramps now built in the region where social and sports opportunities for young ones are limited and many had not seen a skateboard before.