The first plastic free skate shop in the UK..

Joshua Robinson, shop assistant receiving the award

Roots Skate Shop Penzance – The first plastic free skate shop in the UK and quite possibly the only one?

We were stoked to receive our plastic free champion award from the organisation Plastic Free Penzance.

Pioneering the plastic free movement in the skateboarding community. In the shop we offer woven recyclable and re-usable bags, pencils not pens, wooden hangers, a deck recycling scheme, re-fillable water use and we are in constant conversation with suppliers to use non plastic packaging. We hope to inspire other business’ in the skate industry to follow.

The shop and youth club are raising awareness with Plastic Free Communtiy Allies who work with and encourage skaters to reduce plastic use and litter.

“It absolutely leads to a better customer experience. Our customers are pleased that we are doing our best to address the problem, especially living by the sea and the beach. They embrace it and tell us they are making changes as well.

The kids in the youth club are more aware and thinking differently about their actions. I am seeing more kids and skateboarders using reusable bottles, which is really positive. But I do see a lot of plastic use and litter around the skateparks so that is an area as a shop and youth club we can have more influence.”

Thank you to Rachel Yates, Chair and Community Engagement for Plastic free Penzance for presenting us with our award.

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